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The last 5 years and where to find me
Good Evening various LJ users (to those of you who're still around, anyway!).

Quick Update:

I've been attending graduate school for the last few years, and have finally graduated with my M.A. in English. I'm currently working as a part-time content developer for the web, and do a little publicity work on the side. I'm working for something more permanent. My thesis project was a table top RPG handbook, which was actually pretty fun to work on. Yes, furry races were involved, because why not. I'm hoping to develop it into something awesome over the coming years.

I've also started using my newfound free time (and reduced stress) to write furry stuff again. I managed to put out a couple of stories while attending graduate school (one of which was published), but I'd like to do more. For now, I've started work on a furry-themed novel. I hope to begin work on a shorter story I've been mulling around in my head for the last few months, and I have a pair of collaborative RP-based stories that might see the light of day sometime soon.

Other places to find me:
How to contact me:

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  • AIM, Yahoo, Skype: BorderFollie


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