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Writing with the right Motivations
Since starting college in 2003 (I'm hoping to have my Master's degree by the end of the year), It's been difficult to find the time to write and read the things I really want to write. Don't get me wrong, I have found these exercises to be useful, if not very interesting. Unfortunately, it means that when I do take the time to write, I feel a lot of pressure to get things done. Pressure is not conducive to a creative mindset, and often creates some of the most frustrating writer's block I've ever experienced.

I want to produce content, I want to prove that I'm a talented writer, I want to share my ideas with others, and (hey, I'll admit it), I want praise. Naturally, however, if those thoughts and desires are the foremost thing on your mind, you'll never actually be able to reach that point. And that makes sense, really. Professional athletes certainly seem to enjoy their fame and prosperity, but if a quarterback only thought about how much he wanted a bigger paycheck every time he executed a play, chances are you wouldn't be seeing him for very long.

I won't deny that I want to have a finished project, and that I want to earn feedback (hopefully positive!), but I also need to remember where that desire comes from: the passion to simply tell stories.

Writing is easiest when you can relax, immerse yourself in the characters and plot, and then describe what happens. You can't get there if the reason you're writing the story has nothing to do with the actual process. Keep your motivations in mind when you write, and let them drive things to the end.


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