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Brathor Cyr
27 November
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I'm just this dog guy currently living in the cornfields of Illinois. I'm a full-time graduate student with a job, and in my free time I try to do this crazy thing called writing, which (as near as I can tell) involves filling up blank screens with funny little shapes that correspond to buttons on my keyboard. One day, I hope to be able to make a living through this strange little hobby, but for now, I content myself through it's use as a creative outlet.

I'm ultimately a fairly laid back guy, but I believe life is all about learning to accept the things you can't control while constantly striving to improve the things you can (though that philosophy isn't easy to live up to).

What you'll see here:
  • Free-writing exercises

  • Information and status updates on writing projects

  • Previews of work

  • Writing tips

  • Book reviews

  • Reading recommendations